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Welcome to 

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Learn new and practical skills while training for success!

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Discover your ability to achieve anything thru Christ!

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Take advantage of our Mentors as your guides on your individual journey!

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Connect your piece of the puzzle to a strong gathering of women across the globe!

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       To train, empower, encourage, and then send out local driven individuals to connect with major corporate and regional influences. We aim to build successful relationships with the community in efforts to cultivate and nurture a new culture of effective change. Fierce Takeover!

Upcoming Events

  • Midnight Prayer June
    Fri, Jun 02
    Join us for Midnight Prayer.
  • Bonnet Meeting June
    Thu, Jun 08
    Virtual Event
    Join us for a late-night conversation in your Bonnets. You know it's going to get good so have something to sip on!

Why do we use the lioness?

It is common to use other animals when using the term fierce. Our depiction of a lioness being fierce is on purpose. A lioness is the height of hunting prowess and the structure and backbone of a pride. The lioness is used repeatedly in the scriptural text referring to the chosen nation. Our favorite is Numbers 23:24 when Balak is asked to curse the people of GOD. Just like them, we are arising like a lioness! Although this scripture is not specific to women, we know that God is using women today to do more than we have had the credit in the past. We are changing things around us. This is not your average women's movement but a true women's empowerment movement.  The globe will know who our God is!



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