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Fierce is more than a cliche master call for bored housewives. We are Females In Excellence Representing Christ Effectively. With unmatched focus we intend to infiltrate local and major corporations, organizations, and leadership in order to establish consistent progression and effective change for our communities both in reach and then further expanding internationally. Starting internally we invite our new members to undergo the challenge of a 6-9 month leadership training in order to alter their lives and transform thought processes from complacent to actionable humility. For example - taking the potential linked to the desire of wanting to “see” or “be good” and transforming that to the capability and empowerment of “DOING good”. By simply refining and defining gifts and talents that have been there all along our mission is to awaken and bring awareness to all women of their natural animalistic instinct and ability to cultivate and nurture.  F. I.E.R.C.E. TAKEOVER!

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